An Italian-American Classic — Baked Ziti

With the cold months here, what better dinner idea is there than an ooey gooey, meaty baked pasta dish filled with creamy ricotta aka baked ziti.  Baked ziti is an extremely popular Italian-American dish, typically seen at family gatherings and celebrations due to its simplicity and large portion. It consists

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A Hanukkah Favorite — Latkes

Latkes have been around for centuries and are specifically associated with the celebration of Hanukkah. These fried potato fritters consist of a simple mixture including shredded potatoes and onions mixed with egg and flour to bind it together. They are then shallow fried to crispy, golden perfection and typically served

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The Crispiest Japanese Chicken – Karaage

Fried chicken is a recipe seen in most cuisines and differentiations come from a variety of marinating, coating and cooking styles. Karaage is a Japanese cooking technique that involves coating bite sized pieces of chicken in potato or corn starch and shallow frying them to create the crispiest bite ever!

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4 Must-Try Pumpkin Dishes for This Fall Season

Spooky season is here and that means everyone gets to chug all the pumpkin spice lattes they can stomach and go galloping through pumpkin patches dressed in their favorite flannel.  Halloween and pumpkins have been a classic pairing for hundreds of years. It originated in Ireland when people would carve

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Halal Korean BBQ: Prime No. 7

Prime No. 7 will have you looking no further for authentic HALAL South Korean cuisine. It offers a unique way to dine. You can cook all your meats using the grill they provide and all ingredients at Prime No. 7 have been passed on through several generations.  When I went,

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