Who We Are

They are recent college graduates and luckily friends.

You’ll probably catch Adrienne vibing to A$AP Rocky and Kanye West. During her downtime, she’s most likely watching anime.

Neidy loves jamming out to country or Latin music. While she’s not planning her next travel, she’s either hanging out with her dog or rewatching The Vampire Diaries. 

After graduating from Saint Peter’s University, they realized there wasn’t enough coverage about their community and the diverse cultures within them.

And so, Slice of Culture was born!

Jersey City

August 2020


January 2020


January 2020


Adrienne J. romero


neidy gutierrez


Amanda Sanchez

staff editor

David Negron

Website coordinator / Financial Analyst


Sakura Siegel

Staff Illustrator

Alyssa Bello

Staff graphic designer


Juno Punk

Staff Graphic Designer


Sumen Imtiaz

Staff Graphic Designer

Victoria Bishop-Smith

staff Writer / Food writer

Alexis Morales

Staff Writer

Aldwin Romero

Contributing Writer

Matthew Figueroa

Contributing writer

Shahroze Ahmad

Contributing Writer

Ed Daniel

Staff Writer

Sam Carliner

Contributing wRITER


Amber Santiago

Contributing writer

Joy Oliveras

Staff writer

Eva Reid

Staff writer / photographer

Daniella Mendez

Contributing writer / Mental Health Columnist




Gabrielle Sheehan

Staff Writer


Mark rotundo


Karina Diaz

Staff Writer


John Lynch

Civic Engagement Storyteller


Kevin Guevara

Staff photographer





Joey Caruso

Staff Writer





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