Making The Mark: We Needed More From ‘Ahsoka’

Aside from the noticeable decline in writing, production design and even fight choreography (especially in “Ahsoka”), there is this dreadful aura that now hangs over the franchise and its live-action productions: “Star Wars” doesn’t have a soul anymore.

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Halal Korean BBQ: Prime No. 7

Prime No. 7 will have you looking no further for authentic HALAL South Korean cuisine. It offers a unique way to dine. You can cook all your meats using the grill they provide and all ingredients at Prime No. 7 have been passed on through several generations.  When I went,

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The Idol

Making The Mark: ‘The Idol’

“The Idol” is an HBO original, five-episode mini-series written, directed and produced by Sam Levinson (from “Euphoria” fame) and co-produced by Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd.

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