Satya Patel-Aranha is one of the students who participated in the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School. This is part of the Kids’ Storybook Series.

Entering the CMA Awards, you see people walking the red carpet with big dresses and big hats. The venue holds 300 to 400 seats with big lights and cameras pointing in all directions.

It’s a big night so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

People begin to sit down as the show is about to start. The hosts for the night come out on stage and greet everyone.

“Welcome to the 41st CMA Awards, here in Nashville, Tennessee,” says the host.

They begin the show with the first award of the night which is for the best up-and-coming artist. They announce the nominees which are Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Little Big Town, Kellie Pickler and Rodney Atkins. The crowd claps for the nominees as they wait to see who will win.

“And the winner is, Taylor Swift,” says the host. The crowd begins to cheer. As Taylor gets up to get her award, all the lights go out. It is pitch black, all you see are the exit signs. People begin to yell and panic. Less than a minute later, the lights turn back on.

“Everyone calm down, everything is going to be alright,” says the host. But as they turn to see the trophy, they notice that the CMA trophy was gone.

“People, the CMA trophy is gone,” yells the host. “Has anyone seen the trophy?” The producers begin to panic because without the trophy, the show can’t continue.

People begin to look for the trophy under their seats, in the aisle and all around. But no one could find the trophy. People started to get desperate.

“Let me see your purse,” said one guest to an older lady. The lady was surprised at how angry he was. People started to accuse each other of stealing the trophy.

Some of the guests started looking on the stage to see if the trophy was there. One nominee opens the stage curtain and she notices something shiny. It was the trophy with a note on it.

As soon as she was going to grab the trophy, Jason grabs it from behind the curtain. They pull the curtain fully open.

“This is my trophy,” he says.

“Jason, what are you doing,” says the woman.

“I deserve this trophy, I should have won.” People are surprised. They never would have thought that Jason would have done this. Taylor goes on stage and grabs the trophy. She didn’t want to do this, but she decided it was for the best.

“Jason, we can both share this trophy,” she said. “I am not happy you did all of this, but we both can share this award.” Jason goes up to Taylor and thanks her.

“Alright everyone, go back to your seat and let’s continue this show,” says the host. “Let’s hear some country music!”

Taylor Swift goes on stage to sing her latest songs, but before she begins she invites Jason to the stage. She asks him to sing her song together. He smiles and says yes.

The End!

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