Tessa Brehm is one of the students who participated in the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School. This is part of the Kids’ Storybook Series. 

The nice and cold breeze sweeping in my face. A pillow of white covering the ground. The crunching of my feet as my family and I walk up the walkway to our house. A rush of warm air hits my face. I take off my coat, scarf, hat, and boots, stuffing them in the closet.

My twin sister June and I walked to the bathroom. As I was brushing my teeth I felt like we were being watched. The feeling stuck with me as we walked to our room. Our mom looked in our room carrying our baby brother. “Goodnight” she said.

“Goodnight,” my sister and I said at the same time.

She turned off the light and walked away. I started to shut my eyes, snuggling with my stuffed animals. It’s 4:30 a.m. and I need to go to the bathroom. Walking out of my room, I realized June wasn’t there. I searched the whole house but no trace of her was found.

I ran to my mom’s room hoping June was there. I slammed her door open and told her everything. When I finished the story we were both crying. Then my older sister walked in crying. “It’s okay,” my mom said, “It’s okay.”

Mother grabbed the phone and called 911.

“Hello, this is the Boring Police Department. What is the emergency?”

“Yes, we need help! Our daughter is missing!”

“Where do you live?”

“31 twelfth street, the fifth house on the rights,” said mom.

“We’ll be right over!”

As mom hung up the phone we began to get dressed. We left the room not saying anything. When I finished getting dressed I begun to change my brother’s diaper and made sure he was comfortable. Just then the police pulled up to the house and we ran to the door faster than my sister’s senior track team. Fighting to turn the door knob it somehow turned on its own and opened the door.

A strong muscular man with brown hair and a blue police hat walked in.

“Howdy fellers, I hear you can’t find your daughter?” said the officer.

“Yes, we were sleeping and my other daughter woke up and June wasn’t there. Please help us!”

“Yes ma’am, we will do everything we can to find her. We have police from the county here. You are in good hands. By the way I’m Chief Pardo.”

“Thank you,” said mom. We stepped back and let the police in. A different officer told us to stay in the living room to watch TV to calm us down. We turned on cartoons for my brother.

Two hours later the police were out looking for June and the sun began to rise. We began to get more sad as the hours went by. The house was very silent, the only noise you heard was my brother and the TV in the background. We didn’t want to leave the house incase June would come back, but we began to get hungry so we decided to go to cafe Choc o Pan for breakfast. 

While we were are the cafe, mother received a call. It was Chief Pardo. 

“Hi, this is Chief Pardo. Meet us outside your house in ten minutes, we have some updates.”

The call ended and we jumped out from the table not even clearing out plates and started to sprint home. Racing to our house felt like we were running for miles even though it was only four blocks away. 

When we got there the police were huddled outside. 

“What’s happening? Did you find her?” mom yelled. 

 “We found a slipper and sweater on a trail nearby,” said the Chief Pardo.

“Those are June’s,” I yelled. “Let’s go find her!”

We began to follow the officers to the trail. The trail led us to an old warehouse.

As we got closer to the warehouse, we heard a scream. Chief Pardo quickly kicked the door open as somebody shoots at June.

The shooter tried to flee but the police ran towards her and captured her. I ran to June and started crying. It was too late.

The next days were long. The house was so sad that even the plants began to die. We buried June and the house didn’t feel the same.

I don’t think we will every be happy again.

Will we?

To be continued…


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