September 2023

Let’s Make Coriander Salan

One day I had greens like coriander and mint laying around in my fridge and decided to make a salan or curry out of it. I don’t know about you, but I love coriander.  I would describe this meal as fresh and tart. The lemon juice is what brings the

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A Bold and Tangy Mexican Classic – Chicken Tinga

It’s Hispanic Heritage month and with that comes a variety of delicious, spicy and versatile dishes that reign from many Latin regions around the world. Chicken tinga is a classic Mexican dish originating in Puebla, but it is now consumed throughout central and southern Mexico.  This dish can be found

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Here’s 4 Latinas Who Are Breaking Barriers — Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and we are celebrating the Latino culture, food, music and accomplishments. Latino artists, entrepreneurs, and individuals have been breaking down barriers throughout the years, making themselves well known in various industries.  Their accomplishments are bringing recognition to the hispanic community providing inspiration for generations to come. 

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