During the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School, the students learned journalism skills such as  how to interview people. They partnered up in teams of two to interview one another. Here are their feature stories on their partner.

Meet Kira Nesterenko

Kira likes the color pink and she can speak three different languages — English, Russian, and Spanish. She learned Russian at home and she learned Spanish at school. She goes to school at H.P.M.S. in Jersey City. She is going into the 4th grade and enjoys math the most because Kira wants to go to Harvard.  Kira has an 11 month old brother named Mark. Kira said that she likes her brother because he is cute and has chubby cheeks. Earlier in the summer Kira did a summer camp at H.C.T. Kira loves to be in musicals and likes to act and sing because it’s her passion. The play she was apart of was Frozen and Kira played Anna. Her favorite actor is Jenna Ortegea and her favorite singer is Kira Kossarin. 

Interview by Tessa Brehm

Meet Aashna Shah


Aashna lives in Port Imperial in West New York, New Jersey. She likes West New York because there’s a waterpark. and a lot of stores and restaurants. Her favorite food is Italian food. She loved Her favorite food is pasta with marinara sauce. She is 8 years old and is from the U.S.A. Her favorite color is a bright aqua green. She likes it because it’s glossy.

Her favorite sport is basketball. She likes it because she’s tall and she is able to shoot higher. Her favorite basketball team is the Knicks because they play for New York. Her favorite basketball player is James Harden because she thinks he is one of the best shooters in the NBA. 

Her favorite book is No.4 the Magic Treehouse.

Interview by Mia Asayama-Stoloff 

Meet Mia Asayama-Stoloff 

Mia is 8 years old and is half Japanese and half American. Mia’s favorite color is turquoise. Her favorite food is sushi because it’s yummy. She likes California Roll, Tuna Roll, and Salmon Rolls. She goes to a camp in Michigan called Camp Mishigania. She’s been going there for 5 years. She does not have a pet but she does have a dog on the first floor that likes her. Her favorite sport is swimming because it’s relaxing.

Interview by Aashna Shah



Meet Emma Asayama-Stoloff 

Emma grew up in New Jersey and enjoys going to the heated pools. She goes to Elysian School and she’s going to the 3rd grade. Her favorite food is tater tots and her favorite number is 75. She likes the movie “How to Train a Dragon: 2” because she likes when dragons are playful. She loves the spring season because that is when baby animals are born. Her hobbies are writing, reading, and math. Emma’s favorite summer camp is Michigania and this is her 4th time going.

Interview by Satya Patel-Aranha

Meet Satya Patel-Aranha

Her name is Satya and her summer is going well. She went to an amusement park and she loves rides. Her favorite move is “Raya and the Last Dragon.” She lives in live Hoboken, New Jersey and her favorite food is hot dogs. She does theater camp where she was in Annie, Frozen and James and the Giant Peach. She has been going to theater camp for 2-3 years.  She goes to Elysian Charter School and she likes it because the teachers are really nice.

Interview by Emma Asayama-Stoloff 

Meet Tessa Brehm


Tessa loves her older brother because they like playing soccer together. She was born in the state of  California and goes every year to visit. She lived there for 5-6 months then she moved to Hoboken and her family is from the USA. Her favorite hobby is soccer because she likes running around and soccer is the best sport for that. She also goes to HCT. Her favorite musical she was in was the Aristocats because Tessa’s second favorite animal is an alley cat. 

Interview by Kira Nesterenko

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