Emma Asayama-Stoloff is one of the students who participated in the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School. This is part of the Kids’ Storybook Series. 

Chapter 1 : Arrive 

We arrived at a gate that went up and down located on a narrow dirt path. The path was narrow because a forest was on each side. At Camp Michigania when you first arrive, you have to get a lanyard. Yellow means you have been here before and blue means you are new. I and my family got yellow. 

After that my mom gave me the map. Camp Michigania has many cabins. We got North Camp 7 Cabin. Cabin 7 was smaller than the cabin we got last year, but it was still pretty good. We were supposed to sleep in Room C but Mia and I wanted to sleep in Room A, that is where my cousins were sleeping. 

Chapter 2 : Relative and Friends

“Girls back in line,” called mom. Grandma and papa were already outside by the time we got there. 

“Viva! Magnolia!¨ I called. “This is where you will sleep,” we said even though our cousins have been here before. There were two bunk beds in one room and a twin bed in the other one. Viva and Magnolia were going to take turns on the top bunk and Mia was going to stay on the top bunk while I was going to stay at the bottom.

I got bored because there was nothing to do so I started to make my bed. I asked mom if I could go outside. My mom said okay, but I had to stay in the North Camp. “I promise to stay in the oval,” I told her. 

Chapter 3: Arguing with Mia 

When I went out the front door I was surprise to see Mia and Magnolia at the north playground.

“What are you doing,” I asked.

“We are going on an adventure,” Mia replied.

“I got a map!”

“We don’t need a map,” said Mia. “We know this place.”

“Well I don’t.”

“Come on,” yelled Mia.

I followed them and then stopped. “Wait! I promised mom I would stay in the oval.”

“Then don’t come with us,”  she said.

“Then can I have the map,” I asked.

“You gave it to me.”

“But Mia!” I yelled back in frustration. “It’s mine!”

“But you gave it to me. You can get another one!”

“Fine, take it!”

“Emma,” she said calming her voice down a tiny bit. “I came here to get away from everything.”

I ran back to the cabin and Mia went on an adventure at north playground.  

Chapter 4: Dinner

I couldn’t believe it. Mia came to Camp Michigania to get away from everything. 

“WHAT!” my mom said after telling her what Mia had said. 

“I’m lonely,” I told her.

¨I’ll go help you get a play mate,” she said. I put on my shoes and hopped out the front door as Mia was coming into the cabin. Mom gave her ten minutes of reading time. 

I went to the back porch and saw Mia playing with Magnolia. She asked if I wanted to play, but dinner was about to start. At Camp Michigania you get food on a plate or a bowl and you serve yourself. I got spaghetti with tomato sauce. We all sat outside on a picnic table. 

Chapter 5: A New Friend

Mt grandma saw a girl who was up the hill, who looked like my age. She told me to go make friends with her, so I did. 

“Hi,” I said. “How old are you?”

“I’m eight,” replied the girl. “What’s your name?”

“My name is Emma and this is Mia.”

“I’m Areya.” 

“Are you new?” I asked. She nodded her head yes.

“Welcome! This is the way to the north beach, want to come?” 

“Yes, but I have to be back by 7:00pm,” she stated.

Areya set her watch and we were on our way to an adventure.

To be continued … 

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