Blue, Best Bear’s vocalist and guitarist, was given a guitar, sold her car, purchased a van and was ready to get on the road with her band Best Bear.

Having met in 2019, Best Bear has come a long way. The four-person indie band from Philadephia has been touring throughout the northeast after the release of their new album “When.” This past Sunday, they performed at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City.

Gwen, Blue and Charlie at Rockwood Music Hall (Eva Reid/SoCul images)

“This is the first tour we’ve done together as a band,” Gwen, the band’s guitarist, told Slice of Culture.

“It’s one thing to play Philly and play shows where like a bunch of our friends come out…but this is the first time getting a totally fresh audience who doesn’t really know us at every single stop.”

With upbeat songs “Gaslighter” and “Bare Minimum,” the audience felt the anger that came with her “dating a narcissist” and also what it is like to do anything for someone who would not reciprocate the same energy.

The band played their first ever single as a band “T.M.W.Y” (Take Me With You), Blue sings about feeling stressed out and asking the anonymous individual to “take me with you wherever you go.” Even if the individual is not planning on coming back, that does not matter. This imaginary individual is everything in Blues eyes.

“I like to see smaller bands that are starting out reaching out for help when they see other bands doing bigger stuff, so I feel like us getting out there leaves a lot of room for our friends and like starting bands in Philly to also get out of Philly,” said Blue.

The drum tracks and basic guitars were recorded at Retro City Studios in Philadelphia. Everything else was completed during each band member’s own time.

Charlie on drums (Eva Reid/SoCul Images)

While catsitting and hanging out in a friend’s basement, Blue put together her vocal booth.

“I just made a DIY vocal booth with like mattresses that were down there and sheets,” shared Blue.

Gwen shared what song would best exhibit to show who they are as a band, the song “Apathy.”

Gwen and Blue with their guitars (Eva Reid/SoCul Images)

“If we had to play one song for a crowd to kind of showcase who we are as a band, I feel like that one goes through all of the parts of the band I would want to advertise,” said Gwen. “Strong lyrics, shows off the softer side that were capable of but then at the end we have a really cool upbeat groove and a lot of cool harmonies between Blue and Charlie.”

The band’s next performance will be in Boston, Massachusetts this upcoming Tuesday. 

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