In September, a new dessert spot “Morelia’s Gourmet Paletas” opened at 932 Washington Street in Hoboken.

“Paletas are essentially Mexican ice pops although they’re mostly fruity options. We’ve taken it up a notch and in addition to fruity paletas we also have gelato based and filled specialty ones,” owner Letisia Campo told Slice of Culture.

All of the paletas at Morelia’s are made with fresh fruits, natural ingredients and do not use any artificial colors or flavors. Ingredients are imported from around the world from places like Belgium, Argentina and Italy. Dairy free, gluten free and kosher certified options are also offered.

The paleta flavor options range from Passion Fruit filled with Condensed Milk, Greek Yogurt and Berries, Chocolate Fudgy Brownie, Oreo Cookies and Cream and more. You can then dip the paleta in cookie butter (V), crunchy hazelnut, dark chocolate (V) and more.

Lastly, they can add toppings such as Oreo crumbs, rainbow sprinkles, peanuts and more. There is also a wide selection of special toppings.

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Campo and her husband, Harold Campo, fell in love with paletas during a trip to Colombia — and the rest is history.

“About a year ago we were traveling in Colombia and came across a paleta shop with a similar concept where you can pick a paleta and dip it in chocolates and top it with different toppings. We loved the concept and wished we had a similar dessert spot in NJ,” said Campo.

“When we returned my husband was telling a friend about our trip and the delicious paleta spot and she mentioned there was a similar dessert shop in Florida! We were checking out their website and noticed it’s a franchise and decided to contact them.”

Although there are many options to find a sweet treat in Hoboken, the Campos’ have taken the Mile-Square by storm with their unique new spot.

“Having a Hoboken location has been an absolute dream,” said Campo.  “When my husband and I were trying to decide where would be the best location for a unique ice cream spot such as Morelia, we had absolutely no doubts that Hoboken would be perfect. It has been a pleasure getting to meet everyone and sharing our love of paletas with the community.”

To learn more about Morelia’s Gourmet Paletas, check out their website and Instagram.

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