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There’s 13 days left until Christmas, and–depending on where you’re at with your gift shopping–you’re either really excited or really stressing. 

If you’re the latter and still don’t know what to get your loved ones, here’s six small businesses where you can grab a last-minute Christmas gift from.

If you’re wondering whether it will get here in time for Christmas, my simple answer is… it depends.

Sorry… anti-climatic…, but I’ll answer this under each item.

If anything, you can always grab something small in shops along Downtown Jersey City, Bergenline Avenue (which passes through Union City, West New York, Guttenberg and North Bergen), Broadway in Bayonne and Journal Square in Jersey City, while you wait for one of the items below (it works for me every time!)

Pick Up A Comic Book Or Figure At Vector’s

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Let’s start you off with physical locations that you can visit. 

First up, we have Vector Collectibles, located at 902 Broadway in Bayonne. This iconic store has been open since 1983 and is owned by Hudson County native Joe Viapiana. They sell vintage comic books, figurines and other collectibles

Get by Christmas? Yes, if you go there soon!

Shop Vintage In Weehawken

From supporting local brands to hosting their own small events, Underground Shop’s vibes gets the community talking. Pick up a good find and other unique knick knacks if you know a thrift lover.

Get by Christmas? Yes, hurry if you want the good pieces!

Spark Nostalgia In McGinley Square

(Adrienne J. Romero / SOC Images)

If you’ve ever walked through McGinley Square in Jersey City–near Hudson Catholic High School, behind Saint Peter’s University–you’ve almost definitely noticed a store that looks like it’s stood the test of time and dons the name Toy & Gameland. While the appearance and name may not be modern, recognize that this is one of the staples of the city and has been around for as long as most local millennials and Gen Z’ers can even remember (myself included).

The name is straight-forward, and if you’re looking for an old-school game–or even possibly a newer game–try hitting up this longtime establishment, especially if you know a dedicated gamer.

Get by Christmas? Yes, you can even hop on the No. 80 bus to get there ASAP.

Wear Local Band Merch

(Adrienne J. Romero / SOC Images; Courtesy of Sir Synthesis)

Now we’re entering items you might not get in time for Christmas, but still, it’ll be worth the wait.

Union City-based band Sir Synthesis released their debut album “Monsoon” in March 2022. Since then, they’ve shared the sounds of Hudson County through their live performances. This past August, they released a single called “gaslit.” The band is selling Bésame heart t-shirts–which refers to their 2022 single “Bésame”–for $25.00 online here

Get by Christmas? Try to find a shipping estimate date at checkout or reach out! 

Smell The Holiday Cheer From Jersey City

(Adrienne J. Romero / SOC Images; Courtesy of Burbujas D’Amor)

Burbujas D’Amor is a woman-owned small business that sells handmade lotions, candles, lip balms and more. The online shop has a special edition candle, the Christmas Theme Piped Candle, just in time for the holidays. On the labels, you can see it says “hand poured in Jersey City” which could be a heartwarming touch for locals.

You can also find the owner selling at the marketplace along Grove Street in Downtown Jersey City!

Get by Christmas? Orders ship within two to three days, according to the website. So… yes, if you order soon! Try confirming by contacting the shop.

Keep It Classic

(Adrienne J. Romero / SOC Images; Courtesy of Classic Skate Shop)

If you’re either a skater from Hudson County or just someone from Bayonne, you probably know what I mean by that title. 

Classic Skate Shop was founded in 2005 by local Gary Iannitelli. The shop became known for its skateboards, branded hoodies, beanies and releasing some of the latest sneakers through raffles. They were originally located at 776 Broadway before being forced to close its physical location sometime after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Still, Classic continues to sell its limited edition merch online and has held random pop ups in the past. 

If you know a skater or someone who loves local brands, try shopping here.

Get by Christmas? Try to find a shipping estimate date at checkout or reach out! 

If you have more recommendations, DM us at @sliceofculture.

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