Kira Nesterenko is one of the students who participated in the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School. This is part of the Kids’ Storybook Series. 

The king woke up with a smile on his face, looking out the window he saw the gleaming sun, heard the chirping birds, and felt the morning wind blowing in his hair.

He saw his lucky suit on his gold and emerald chair. Glancing over to his quarts table, he saw his lucky socks with duckies🐥🧦! Those were his favorite.

He got up and put on his lucky suit. As he was about to put on his socks, he heard a knock on the door. Opening the door, he saw his butler Jerald🕴️.

“What is it, Jerald?” the king asked him, embarrassed hiding the ducky socks behind his back😰.

“Sir you need to go downstairs to try the buffet for your birthday today,” Jerald replied.

“Okay,” the king said. They went down the stairs and into the royal kitchen, where the chef was waiting for them. 

“Ah my king, I was waiting for you all morning. Let’s try the buffet,” said the chef. “I thought we would start with some pasta. Sit, sit on your throne and eat.” So that was what the king did. He started to eat his pasta🍝 but every time he would stab the pasta with his fork, it moved. 

The king thought it was a prank until the pasta quickly tied up Jerald, the chef and then the king. Now he was scared.

Within seconds, the pasta started flying away with the king. They were high in the sky, when the king began to ask questions.

“Where are we going? Who is your master? How are you alive?” the pasta would not reply. “You will not get away with this!” With no answers the king continued to ask questions. 

“Are we there yet? Can we stop at a royal buffet? You didn’t even let me finish my breakfast.”

The pasta became annoyed and yelled, “Can you shut up? Why are you fat? Why do you ask so many questions?”

The king was surprised the pasta could talk and that he could insult a king. As the king stayed in silent worried about what would happen, out of no where, an agent named Gretel, jumped from a jet and punched the pasta. The pasta flew to the side still holding the king hostage.

The agent came back and continued to punch the pasta, until the pasta let go of the king. The king began to fall from the sky when another agent named Hansel swooped in and caught the king. They flew away. The king recognized the agents and knew we was safe.

The three of them flew down just in time for the party! It was an eventful morning, which was going to make a great story to tell at the party.

The End!  

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