Aashna Shah is one of the students who participated in the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School. This is part of the Kids’ Storybook Series. 

It was a summer day, a beautiful day to play basketball. Tim and Timmy were getting ready to go to the court and practice shooting hoops and play a 1v1 game. They loved competing against each other to see who was better. Tim had just turned ten years old but was still the same height as Timmy who was a year younger. 

“I’m going to win,” said Timmy. 

“No, you’re not,” said Tim laughing. 

They headed to the local basketball court in Hoboken, New Jersey wearing their jerseys. This was their favorite time of the week. Tim was number 18 and Timmy was number 22.

Timmy starts the game off with Tim’s black and green basketball. It was a gift from his grandfather and he loved that ball. With a couple of minutes in, he is ahead of Tim.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” yelled Timmy. 

Tim dribbles the ball across the court and shoots three points. Right before the buzzer Timmy scores a last basket and end the game at 20 vs 17. 

“Good game!” said Tim. The boys went to take a water break. 

As they were getting ready to play another game, they saw someone standing at the corner of the gym by where the ball was. The stranger was just staring at them, but the boys couldn’t see who it was because the person was wearing a mask and glasses. They didn’t hear the person come in. The boys started to get nervous. 

As they put their water bottles down and turn around to go get the ball, they notice the ball and the stranger were no longer there. 

“He stole the ball!” yelled Tim. “We need to get it back!”

The boys ran to where the man had been standing before he disappeared and noticed there were dirty footprints leading out the door. When they opened the door and went outside they saw that the thief threw his mask, glasses and hoodie on the floor. They looked around but no one was there. 

“Let’s call the police,” said Tim. The boys dialed the police and waited outside for them to come. 

The police finally arrived and started to ask the boys questions about the accident. As they were talking to them, the police got a call that people were reporting a weird man running towards the river. 

The police began to drive towards the same direction hoping to catch the thief. They notice the thief a block ahead and decided to block the street so that he can not run more. Thief tries to run a different direction and accidentally runs into a dead end. 

The police quickly surround him and put him in handcuffs. Neighbors around them start to see what’s going on. The thief tries to escape from the hand cuffs but he is not able to. 

After the police take the man to jail, they return the ball to Tim and Timmy. Tim almost starts to cry because he thought he was never going to see the ball his grandfather gave him ever again. 

They boys decided not to play another game. Instead they walked home as Tim dribbled the ball. 

The End! 

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