Mia Asayama-Stoloff is one of the students who participated in the SOC Storyteller Camp in collaboration with The Hudson School. This is part of the Kids’ Storybook Series. 

Scene 1 

Shepherd stepped outside. It was a beautiful day. 

“I should make a pie,” he decided. 

To make his pie, he was going to need flour, milk, apple, oats and yeast. He brought it all to the outdoor oven.

He looked at his house, it was big with a chimney looking like a stairwell to the top of his room. Outside he could see a willow tree and hear a sprinkler. There were kids playing on the playground and the wind was calm. 

When the pie was done, Shepherd tried it and it was so good. He thought he should enter it in the pie contest, but when he looked back at the pie, it was gone! 

He couldn’t believe it. His best pie ever was gone. It had tasted so awesome. He loved the crunchy crust, the chewy top and the gooey middle. All of that was gone!

Scene 2

“What should I do,” he thought. But then he remembered what his sister said, “If something bad happens, go to Cindy and Sketch.”

So that’s where he went, under the willow tree to their tent. It had no windows, but it had pegs that held it down. 

“Cindy! Sketch,” he called. 

Cindy and Sketch came out. “What’s the problem?” they asked. 

“Can you find my pie?”

“What happened to it?”

“I don’t know. I just looked away and when I looked back it was gone,” said Shepherd. 

“Probably a thief took it,” Cindy said. Cindy and Sketch started to walk down on the dirt paths talking as they went. 

“Sketch, I saw this path before. I think it’s in that cave,” said Cindy. Quietly, they crept into the cave. 

“Quick! Go under the table,” Cindy said. They both went under the table and Cindy took out her lasso and lassoed the pie. 

Scene 3 

It took a while to get out of the cave because of how dark and narrow it was, but when they got out they saw the thief. He had a sack on his head covering his face and wearing all black to disguise himself. He tried to get away but Cindy lassoed him and tied him up. They went back up the path where Shepherd was waiting for them.

Sketch hands Shepherd back his pie. “Thank you,” said Shepherd.

“Who is that?” he questioned. 

“The thief,” said Cindy. The thief was another pie maker who stole the pie to sell it off as his own. 

“I will report it to the police,” yelled Shepherd. Soon enough a policeman came and arrested the pie thief. He gave Cindy and Sketch five dollars and a medal for catching the thief.

They were very happy!

The End! 

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