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“Night Breed” started off as a dream, and for Dream, it is his reality now.

When Dream founded Night Breed, he intended on it to become a label to promote his music before later on becoming a clothing line. The name “Night Breed” was inspired by one of Dream’s childhood favorites.

“I bought myself a printer, drew out a logo, scanned it in and started pressing it on shirts with my mama’s iron and ironing board,” Dream told Slice of Culture.

(Courtesy of Night Breed)

Fitness is one of Dream’s passions, as he is a fitness trainer at Four Fitness in Jersey City, after moving to New Jersey a few months ago from Virginia.

Night Breed not only offers women’s and men’s fitness clothing, but also merchandise categorized as swimwear, night breed wear, LGBTQ+ Community, Young Breed, Phone Accessories, BMTWouble-U and Beanie Head Gear.

New shirts and draw string bags will also be making its way to the website.

Dream loves to focus on the LGBTQ+ community and hopes to cover other events such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade and Saint Patrick’s Day.

“I like bright colors, I like colors all together and I personally train myself I have been in the gym pretty much all my life. I noticed that everybody, no matter what state I have been to, just wears solid [and] dark colors,” said Dream. “No personality, everybody just looks the same. I’m [going] to step out and try something a little different and see if it catches.”

Dream’s goal is to have his brand be known for its vibrant colors and color combinations.

He added different pairs of common leggings that could be seen anywhere else to attract people to Night Breed.

“Before the first row, there was regular leggings, it was my premium performance leggings. The one that are two-toned, two different colors with a logo going across the thighs,” Dream explained. “Online it doesn’t do any justice but in person people were loving it. But, the colors, like having a sold black. I was like ‘No…that is not the point.”

(Courtesy of Night Breed)

Instead of using heat pressing for logos, they are done through sublimation. It is in the fabric and it will never fade.

After Dream moved to New Jersey — with the help of his cousin’s production company, their team and their models — he was able to get a photoshoot together promoting his brand.

“I was attracted to how people in New Jersey came together and were able to make all of this happen for me. I was like yeah, I want to be here,” he shared.

“It took me a long time to get this far,” said Dream.

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