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The guessing games continue.

“How I Met Your Father” season two began on Jan. 24 on Hulu. It is the successor to “How I Met Your Mother,” which aired on CBS from 2005 to 2014. The shows both have similar premises, in which the narrator recounts the story of meeting their future partner, while reminiscing over their friend groups. 

“How I Met Your Father” looks at its predecessor for inspiration, while not overly relying on the show’s past, so that the current characters are the main focus.

“How I Met Your Mother” follows the friend group of Ted, Marshall, Barney, Robin and Lily. Future Ted, who is voiced by the late Bob Saget, in the year 2030 narrates the story to his children of how he met their mother. Lily and Marshall, who are together for a majority of the show, is Ted’s model of the relationship he wants. 

Ted and Robin are in and out of relationships with each other throughout the course of the show. Robin and Barney also have an on-again/off-again relationship with each other, creating a love triangle between Ted, Robin and Barney. 

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The show has had success with numerous Emmy nominations, as well as wins. Throughout the show’s run, it has had many memorable guest stars that include Katy Perry, Wayne Brady, Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Regis Philbin and Bryan Cranston. 

William Zabka also appeared; Barney believed Zabka was “The Karate Kid,” which may have led to the YouTube turned Netflix series “Cobra Kai.” 

Despite “How I Met Your Mother” being a beloved show, the series finale may have been the one of the worst of any show ever. There was an alternate ending of the finale that was much more well-received.

“How I Met Your Father” follows the group of Sophie, Valentina, Jesse, Sid, Charlie and Ellen. Future Sophie, who is a visible narrator played by Kim Cattrall in the year 2050, is telling her son the story of how she met his father. At the moment, there have been only some connections between the two shows thus far. 

This includes minor characters from “How I Met Your Mother” getting an additional backstory, or a setting that links the two shows. The most notable interaction is Robin speaking to Sophie and giving Sophie heartfelt advice. It does appear that Barney appears in the second season of “How I Met Your Father.”

“How I Met Your Father” does  some things differently that are not usually the norm for reboots/sequels. While legacy characters do appear, this isn’t a prominent one that is featured heavily in the show. It is entirely possible to watch “How I Met Your Father” without ever seeing the predecessor and not be lost – though you may miss some references. 

“How I Met Your Father” releases episodes weekly on Hulu, rather than what has been the Netflix standard of releasing all episodes at once. 

Despite this, “How I Met Your Father” has found success, increasing the number of episodes from 10 to 20, giving more opportunities to try and figure out who Sophie ends up with.

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