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*Editor’s note: The offices of the county’s clerk, each city’s commissioners, city council members and city clerks were contacted via phone or email. The race of some city officials, those with hyperlinked names, were expressed in their biographies.

Politics exists in every aspect of our lives – the sidewalks we take on our way to work , the buildings we live in and the polling locations we walk into. The way we live our life and how our needs are met depend on the accurate representation of the individuals in office. 

For example, North Bergen’s Mayor Sacco has made diversity a major priority in township hiring in order to make sure that township employees accurately represent the community they serve.

“Mayor Sacco instituted a resident only hiring policy for the North Bergen Police Department that has resulted in officers now being approximately 70% Hispanic,” stated Philip Swibinksi, COF of media relations firm, Vision Media Marketing Inc., for the Township of North Bergen.

Minority, in this article, refers to the race populations that make up a smaller part of the whole city. The 2020 Census Report from the United States Census Bureau divides the Race and Hispanic Origin populations into eight categories: White, Black or African American, American Indian, Asian, Native Hawaiian, Two or More Races, Hispanic or Latino and White, Not Hispanic or Latino.

The Superintendent of Elections in the Hudson County Clerk’s office stated that the State of New Jersey does not require registration applicants to identify their race. Instead, the system requires their names, addresses and date of birth.

Because of this, the population and the four highest race demographics in New Jersey, Hudson County and each city thereof were gathered from the 2020 Census Report from the United States Census Bureau. 

Hudson County

Hudson County’s total population is 724,854 of which 63.6% are White, 42.5% Hispanic or Latino, 16.8% Asian and 15.2% Black or African American. The county’s Sheriff, Frank X. Schillari is White and the county’s Clerk, E. Junior Maldonado is Hispanic. Hudson County Commissioners consist of .

Total Population: 724,854

  • White: 63.7%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 42.5%
  • Asian: 16.8%
  • Black or African American: 15.2%

Frank X. Schillari, County Sheriff (White)

Junior Maldonado, County Clerk (Hispanic)


Jersey City

Jersey City’s total population is 292,449 of which 32.1% are White, 27.5% are Hispanic or Latino, 25.4% are Asian and 22.5% are Black or African American. The city’s Mayor, Steven Fulop, is White and Council Members consist of  .

Total Population: 292,449

  • White: 32.1%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 27.5%
  • Asian: 25.4%
  • Black or African American: 22.5%

Steven Fulop, Mayor (White)

Council Members

  • Joyce E. Watterman (Black or African American)
  • Daniel Rivera (Hispanic or Latino)
  • Amy M. DeGise (White – Caucasian)
  • Denise Ridley (Black or African American)
  • Mira Prinz-Arey (White – Caucasian)
  • Richard Boggiano (White – Caucasian)
  • Yousef J. Saleh (Egyptian/Palestinian)
  • James Solomon (White – Caucasian)
  • Frank E. Gilmore (Black or African American)
  • Sean J. Gallagher, City Clerk (White – Caucasian)


Hoboken’s total population is 60,419 of which 73.3% are White, 15.4% are Hispanic or Latino, 12.2% are Asian and 3.9% are Black or African American. Mayor Ravi Bhalla is Asian and Council Members consist of .

  • Total Population: 60,419
  • White: 73.3%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 15.4%
  • Asian: 12.2%
  • Black or African American: 3.9%

Ravi Bhalla, Mayor (Asian)

Council Members

  • Michael Russo (White, Italian descent)
  • Emily Jabbour (White)
  • James Doyle (White – Irish American)
  • Joe Quintero (Hispanic or Latino)
  • Michael DeFusco (White – Italian descent)
  • Tiffanie Fisher (White)
  • Ruben Ramos Jr. (Hispanic or Latino – Puerto Rican)
  • Phil Cohen – Unreachable
  • Jennifer Giattino – Unreachable
  • James J. Farina, City Clerk – Unreachable
Union City’s population is predominately Hispanic or Latino. (Courtesy of New York Times)

Union City

Union City has a total population of 68,589 of which 79.9% are Hispanic or Latino, 50.5% are White, 5.5% are Black or African American and 3.1% are Asian. Mayor Brian Stack is White and all council members are Hispanic.

Total Population: 68,589

  • Hispanic or Latino: 79.9%
  • White: 50.5%
  • Black or African American: 5.5%
  • Asian: 3.1%

Brian Stack, Mayor (White)

Council Members

  • Lucio Fernandez (Hispanic)
  • Maryury Martinetti (Hispanic)
  • Wendy Grullon (Hispanic)
  • Celin J. Valdivia (Hispanic)
  • Hilda I. Rosario, City Clerk (Hispanic)

North Bergen

North Bergen has a total population of 63,361 of which 68.3% are Hispanic or Latino, 53.5% are White, 6.9% are Asian and 2.6% are Black or African American. Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco is White and the Council Members consist of four Hispanics and one White person.

Total Population: 63,361

  • Hispanic or Latino: 68.3%
  • White: 53.5%
  • Asian: 6.9%
  • Black or African American: 2.6%

Nicholas J. Sacco, Mayor (White)


  • Hugo Cabrera  (Hispanic)
  • Frank Gargiulo  (White)
  • Julio Marenco  (Hispanic )
  • Allen Pascual  (Hispanic)
  • Erin Barillas, Township Clerk  (Hispanic)

West New York

West New York has a total population of 52,912 of which 76.6% are Hispanic or Latino, 49.7% are White, 6.4% are Asian and 2.4% are Black or African American. Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez is  and Council Members consist of .

Total Population: 52,912

  • Hispanic or Latino: 76.6%
  • White: 49.7%
  • Asian: 6.4%
  • Black or African American: 2.4%

Gabriel Rodriguez, Mayor – Unreachable

Council Members

  • Cosmo A. Cirillo – Unreachable
  • Victor M. Barrera – Unreachable
  • Margarita Guzman – Unreachable
  • Yoleizy Yanez – Unreachable
  • Adelinny Plaza, Town Clerk (Hispanic or Latino, Dominican/Cuban descent)


Bayonne has a total population of 71,686 of which 58.4% are White, 35.9% are Hispanic or Latino, 10.3% are Asian and 9.6% are Black or African American. Mayor James M. Davis is White of European descent and Council Members consist of majority White people of European descent, one Black or African American, one Hispanic and one of two races, Black and Hispanic.

Total Population: 71,686

  • White: 58.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 35.9%
  • Asian: 10.3%
  • Black or African American: 9.6%

James M. Davis, Mayor (White, European descent)

Council Members

  • Loyad Booker (Black or African American)
  • Juan M. Perez (Hispanic or Latino)
  • Niel Carroll III (White, European descent )
  • Jaqueline Weimmer (White, European descent)
  • Gary LaPelusa, Sr. (White, European descent)
  • Madeline Medina, City Clerk (Black, Hispanic)


Secaucus has a total population of 22,181 of which 49.8% are White, 33.4% are Asian, 18.2% are Hispanic or Latino and 4.6% are Black or African American. The city’s mayor, Michael J. Gonnelli, and Council Members are White.

Total Population: 22,181

  • White: 49.8%
  • Asian: 33.4%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 18.2%
  • Black or African American: 4.6%

Michael J. Gonnelli, Mayor (White)

Council Members

  • Robert Constantino (White)
  • John Gerbasio (White)
  • Mark Dehnert (White)
  • James J. Clancy, Sr. (White)
  • Bill McKeever (White)
  • Orietta Tringali (White)
  • Michael Marra, Town Clerk (White)


Kearny has a total population of 41,999 of which 55.3% are Hispanic or Latino, 53.8% are White, 4.1% are Asian and 4.4% are Black or African American. Mayor Albert G. Santos is  and the Council Members consist of .

Total Population: 41,999

  • Hispanic or Latino: 55.3%
  • White: 53.8%
  • Asian: 4.1%
  • Black or African American: 4.4%

Albert G. Santos, Mayor – Unreachable

Council Members

  • Marytrine De Castro – Unreachable
  • Albino Cardoso – Unreachable
  • Peter P. Santana – Unreachable
  • Richard P. Knopka – Unreachable
  • Carol Jean Doyle – Unreachable
  • Eileen Eckel – Unreachable
  • Jerry Ficeto – Unreachable
  • Susan A. McCurrie – Unreachable
  • Patricia Carpenter, Town Clerk  – Unreachable


Weehawken has a total population of 17,917 of which 60.8% are White, 35.3% are Hispanic or Latino, 13.2% are Asian and 4.6% are Black or African American. Mayor Richard Turner is  and Council Members consist of .

Total Population: 17,917

  • White: 60.8%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 35.3%
  • Asian: 13.2%
  • Black or African American: 4.6%

Richard Turner, Mayor – Unreachable

Council Members

  • Carmela Silvestri-Ehret – Unreachable
  • Rosemary Lavagnino – Unreachable
  • Raul Gonzalez – Unreachable
  • David J. Curtis – Unreachable
  • Rola Fares, Township Clerk – Unreachable


Harrison has a total population of 19,450 of which 51.4% are Hispanic or Latino, 38.8% are White, 19.8% are Asian and 5.9% are Black or African American. Mayor James A. Fife is  and the Council Members consist of .

Total Population: 19,450

  • Hispanic or Latino: 51.4%
  • White: 38.8%
  • Asian: 19.8%
  • Black or African American: 5.9%

James A. Fife, Mayor – Unreachable

Council Members

  • Maria J. Camano – Unreachable
  • Jesus R. Huaranga – Unreachable
  • Ellen Mendoza – Unreachable
  • Eleanor Villalta – Unreachable
  • Laurence M. Bennett – Unreachable
  • Francisco Nascimento – Unreachable
  • James P. Doran – Unreachable
  • Michael T. Dolaghan – Unreachable
  • Paul J. Zarbetski, Borough Clerk – Unreachable
Guttenberg, the most crowded town in the U.S., is also predominantly Hispanic or Latino. (DAVE SHEINGOLD/NORTHJERSEY.COM)


Guttenberg has a total population of 12,017 of which 76.6% are Hispanic or Latino, 56.9% are White, 7.7% are Asian and 4.7% are Black or African American. Mayor Wayne Zitt is White and the Council Members consist of .

  • Total Population: 12,017
  • Hispanic or Latino: 76.6%
  • White: 56.9%
  • Asian: 7.7%
  • Black or African American: 4.7%

Wayne Zitt, Mayor (White)

Council Members

  • Juana Malave – Unreachable
  • John Habermann – Unreachable
  • William Hokien – Unreachable
  • Monica Fundora – Unreachable
  • Richard Delafuente – Unreachable
  • Alberto Cabrera, Town Clerk – Unreachable


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