Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are a classic and have been around since the 15th century! This treat is super simple to make and can also be a fun activity for the family. You can even build a gingerbread house to pair with your cookies!

Egg Nog

Eggnog is a family favorite in my house and there is not one Christmas we go without it! Although there are many store-bought versions of this recipe, this classic recipe can also be made in the comfort of your home and for the adults, you can even add your favorite liquor to spice up the drink for the holidays.

Buch de Noel

This treat is a traditional Christmas cake popular in France, Belgium and Switzerland and is always served during the holidays. This rich yule log is filled with chocolate buttercream and will melt in your mouth with every bite! People also tend to dress it up to pay homage to the holidays.

Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love a classic sugar cookie? During the holidays, these sugary treats are made even better with all of the festive sprinkles and designs you can add on top! The sugar cookie is a perfect base to create the best holiday cookies you may ever have and paired with egg nog, these cookies are impossible to say no to.

Peppermint Bark

Everyone knows when it’s time for Christmas, peppermint is the go to flavor in any of your favorite treats. From hot chocolate to fudge, this fresh winter flavor is a necessary addition in many holiday recipes. Peppermint bark is typically a dark or milk chocolate topped with a white chocolate mixture filled with peppermint that is sure to have you coming back for more!

Apple Cider

Apple cider, like egg nog is another one of those classic Christmas drinks that can be made at home and enjoyed by everyone. The sweetness of the apple makes it a good choice for kids, but it can also easily be turned into a cocktail! This drink is truly a winter classic and is even named the official drink in New Hampshire.

Rum Balls

These no-bake truffle like chocolate treats are an amazing treat. Filled with rich chocolate and rum, these are sure to satisfy your taste buds! They are popular in the United States, but are also served in England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and in Denmark, these are actually served year round. You can keep these simple or you can even add nuts and raisins, and if you roll them around in confectioner’s sugar, they resemble snow balls!


Coquito translates to little coconut and is a Puerto Rican classic served during the holidays. Some people even refer to this as the Puerto Rican Egg Nog as they do resemble each other! Although this classic recipe typically uses Rum, you can always make a mocktail version for the entire family to enjoy. This drink has been around for a long time, but more recently has become mainstream as Jimmy Fallon even noted that he drinks it occasionally!


Although fruitcake hasn’t always been noted as a favorite by many due to the funny connotations made in popular TV shows and movies, it is a classic that has been around since Ancient Rome. Due to its’ richness from the dried fruit, people don’t always add icing or other extra garnishes, but this cake can still be dressed up for the holidays and is a nice treat to accompany your Christmas dinner! This cake has many different versions around the world and will always be noted as a holiday classic.


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