April 2022

The Crispiest Chicken You’ll Ever Make — Chicken Katsu

Chicken Katsu is a simple dish that originated in Japan, but it has also become widely popular in Hawaii, California, Australia and London!  The deep fried, breaded chicken cutlet is topped with a delicious tonkatsu sauce it’s one of the crispiest chicken dishes you’ll ever taste.  All you really need

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What Happened To The Los Angeles Lakers This Season?

“Listen at the end of the day a team is a team because of its coach. I don’t care about all that, ‘Oh LeBron is the [general manager], Oh LeBron is the coach’ because we all know at the end of the day all he could truly do is put in his opinion…,” Cain said of the Los Angeles Lakers.

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A Creamy Vegetarian Dish – Malai Kofta

Originating from northern India, malai kofta is a deep fried dough made of veggies and paneer coated in a creamy tomato base sauce mixed with delicious cream. It is a popular dish amongst many restaurants around the world, and is a delicacy in Mughlai cuisine, which dates back to the

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