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This is a Slice of Culture series where we’re breaking down the top NBA players of today and analyzing how their careers have gone up until now.

After missing the playoffs in a heartbreaker last season, Stephen Curry has made it his mission to make it back to title contention. 

The Warriors are currently 21-4, which is the best record in the NBA.

Stephen Curry is leading them, averaging 27 points, five rebounds and six assists. He is currently the frontrunner for MVP, which would be his third. Any other accolades would just be a cherry on top for his illustrious career.

In his thirteenth year in the league, he is a three-time NBA champion, two-time MVP, seven-time All-Star, two-time scoring champion, and seven All-NBA appearances. With those accomplishments, he could undoubtedly be the greatest Warrior of all-time, and one of the best players all-time.

Curry took multiple years to blossom in the NBA, but once he did, he began a rapid rise to the top of the NBA. 

The Warriors will take on the Denver Nuggets in the final match of the 2014 NBA preseason. (Warriors World Net photo)

With the core involving him, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson, the three made two finals appearances, winning one. In 2016, following a finals loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Durant joined the core, and the four went on to make the next three finals, winning two. 

After making five straight finals from 2015 to 2019, the departure of Kevin Durant and injuries to Klay Thompson hindered the Warriors’s potential. 

In 2020, Curry broke his hand, missing most of the season and derailing the Warriors. 

Curry had a resurgent season in 2021, leading the league in scoring and carrying the Warriors to the 8th seed. 

Due to the play-in tournament, the Warriors dropped games against the Lakers and Grizzlies, falling to the ninth seed and ultimately missing the playoffs.

After being the heavy favorite for half of a decade, the Warriors have slunk to an underdog role. 

Instead of being hated by NBA fans everywhere due to their dominance from 2015 to 2019, they are now a franchise that many fans root for. Watching a Warriors game is always a good time, with Curry just itching to explode for thirty points almost every game. He has garnered MVP chants from opposing stadiums, which is an uncommon feat. 

Every shot he takes looks like it will go in. And a lot of them do. He is currently second all-time in three pointers made with 2,964, a record that he will be shattering later this month.

With a mixture of stars, veterans and young talent, the Warriors have reloaded and are ready to take another shot at the coveted NBA championship. 

The Warriors are off to the best start in the NBA, even without two core pieces, Klay Thompson and James Wiseman.

They start at shooting guard and center respectively. Thompson is a knock-down three point shooter with great defense and Wiseman is a big man that can cover the paint.

According to Basketball Reference, Curry has a 36% chance to win the MVP, which is by far the highest. Wiseman and Thompson’s returns are imminent, which will put them over the top and make them the clear favorites if the team stays healthy. 

Curry has cemented himself as one of the best basketball players of all time while some fans are desperate to see him win a fourth title.

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