America’s favorite stalker is back. 

The third season of “You” premiered on Friday, Oct. 15 and fans have raved on what the hell Joe Goldberg could do next.

On Wednesday, the fourth season of “You” was already confirmed.

The show stars actor Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg. But why are we, the viewers, watching this show? Isn’t Joe Goldberg a terrible person?

Badgley himself says Joe is a “creep,” but despite all this, people are in love with Joe.

Badgley is truly remarkable for portraying Joe as someone that is loved and even relatable.

Social media is filled with comments of wanting someone to be like Joe, but if a person were to be just like the character, Joe Goldberg, it would be a gigantic red flag. 

Joe is presented as a “nice guy” and he believes this to be true as he lets us know what goes on through his mind  through his inner monologue.

When he meets a love interest, he will try to encounter the individual in a random place, to make it seem as if it were by chance. But, in reality, it is all part of Joe’s elaborate plan.

Joe will resort to stalking, whether in person or via social media. He will put on a persona that will match what exactly his love interest loves the most. Worse comes to worse, if there’s a situation or adversary he can not defeat, he resorts to killing. 

It’s shown through flashbacks that as a child Joe was abused and neglected at times, which could be the reason why he is surprisingly very caring to children.

Paco, in Season 1, and Ellie, in Season 2, are two kids that Joe interacts with frequently.

Paco is the next door neighbor’s son when Joe was in New York and Ellie is Joe’s next door neighbor’s sister in Los Angeles.

Paco was abused by his stepfather Ron, but Joe ends up killing him with Ron’s own knife.

Joe befriends his neighbor’s little sister, Ellie. (Netflix photo)

Ellie, meanwhile, was drugged at comedian Henderson’s house. She was about to be assaulted, but Joe ties the perpetrator up and makes him confess to his other assaults, before accidentally pushing Henderson down the stairs during a conflict, thus killing him.

“You” is a show that many people can relate to minus the killing. There are other relatable elements in the show that a person may have felt at some point or another.

It is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, despite Netflix originally passing on the show twice. The first two seasons of the show are based on the books “You” and “Hidden Bodies,”  written by Caroline Kepnes.

The series was picked up by Lifetime, and that is where the first season aired.

Netflix would start streaming “You” in 2018 and it soon gained a much larger following than when it originally aired on Lifetime. Lifetime did not renew for a second season, and that is when Netflix renewed the show for a second season as a Netflix Original.

The storylines and characters are all very interesting and keep you wondering what will happen next.

Each season thus far has featured a new cast, either because of Joe having to relocate or because a character has been killed off.

Joe’s inner thoughts that the viewer hears are also very entertaining. When he’s following someone, while wearing a “dad hat” is always amusing, since it would look like this disguise would never work in real life.

Joe Goldberg is a flawed character, even with his toxicity, will have viewers salivating as to what happens in Season 3, and who will live to be on Season 4.

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