Mental Health — we all have it, and now we should all strive to be more open and vulnerable about it. 

TheraPieces* is a Slice of Culture monthly column by Mendez, a graduate student pursuing her Master of Social Work degree in clinical/medical social work.

These past couple of weeks, many of our Asian brothers and sisters have been suffering a lot of racist acts, remarks and even going as far as beating hurting and killing those that we know of and love.

This Asian American and Pacific Islander month, take time and be extra nice to your Asian friends and family, Asian restaurant workers and any other individual around the neighborhood that either gives their service or act of kindness to.

(Mental Health America photo)

Despite how scary the topic of mental health can be, TheraPieces is here to break those barriers and bad stigmas against it.

We are here to remind you that if you are living with a mental illness or struggle with your mental health, to tell you that it is okay!

(Pacific Clinic photo)

Remember that you are:

  • You are not alone
  • Valid no matter what you struggle with
  • Entitled to seek help and should not be afraid too do so
  • Strong and brave for putting yourself first

If you want a specific topic related to mental health covered, Daniella Mendez may be reached at

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