Gilmore Girls aired for 7 wonderful seasons from 2000-2007. It follows the witty, caffeine-fueled escapades of a single mother and her daughter as they navigate through many family, romance, education and friendship “firsts” in their small, close-knit community full of colorful characters. 

But you may be wondering is it that big of a deal? Should you even watch it? 

Well, as someone who has seen it start-to-finish far too many times to count, I’ll make it easy for you – YES!

The Epitome of Fall

Lorelai and Rory are the mother-daughter duo known as the Gilmore Girls who we meet in the fictitious historical town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut. 

The town is almost always decorated with patches worth of pumpkins, piles of hay bales and eccentric decorations that set the scene gorgeously for the various fall festivals, bonfires and other events. 

A New Jersey Native

Liza Weil who plays Paris Geller was actually born in Passaic, NJ. 

If this doesn’t immediately make Paris one of your favorite characters in the series, her brutal honesty and epic one-liners are sure to do the trick.

Paris is unapologetically herself and even though her over-achieving nature comes off very harsh, her quick wit allows for great character development, making her one of the most interesting people on the show. 

Mother-Daughter Relationships

Lorelai had her daughter, Rory, at the age of 16 and while the show does focus on the dynamics of their relationship and Lorelai figuring out how to be the mother she wants to be, other dynamics are often showcased.

For example, Lorelai and her parents, specifically her mother, do not have the close bond she and Rory have. They have deep-rooted differences that evidently play a huge role in the way they live their lives. 

They have good days and bad days which most family relationships do, including Rory and Lorelai’s, but ultimately no relationship is perfect and that’s okay!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

In every episode, Lorelai and Rory are either drinking it or talking about how badly they need it – the Gilmore Girls run on coffee. 

Accompanied by the cozy weather and decorations that set the scene, you can’t help but picture yourself in Stars Hollow, grabbing a nice hot cup of coffee at Luke’s. 

In fact, I blame them for enabling my own personal caffeine fixation, especially in the cooler months. 

Contagious Humor

Gilmore Girls has such a witty, fast-paced dialogue that the scripts were actually twice as long as the average hour-long TV episode script. 

While this may not be for everyone, the show’s quickness provides so much comical value and enables the personalities of the characters to come through more in each episode that you’ll literally find yourself laughing out loud.  

Hardwork Pays Off

In addition to Paris and a few other characters, both Lorelai and Rory are ambitious women and high achievers who have faced both ups and downs in their lives.  

Lorelai tenaciously worked her way up from a maid to the Executive Manager of a well-known boutique inn of Stars Hollow and eventually opens her own. 

And when we meet Rory, she is just a young high school student studying hard to achieve her dream of attending Harvard University. 

While the girls struggle along the way, they learn so much about not only life but about themselves which is why this show can serve as a great inspiration to persevere and keep up the hard work in school, work and life in general.

Relationship Advice

Relationships are never easy and the Gilmore Girls go through their fair share ups and downs, heartache included, so you can always look to them for some sisterly or even motherly advice. 

Throughout the series, this pair of strong, independent women learn about themselves and what they expect to give and receive from a significant other – and never settle for anything less. 

A Year in the Life

With overwhelming support and anticipation from fans, the Gilmore Girls returned in 2016 for A Year in the Life

This Netflix 4-episode miniseries catches up with the pair years later as they still experience “firsts” in life.

A reboot alone should be a tell-tale sign that the show was hit and you need to watch it ASAP!

So get cozy, grab a blanket and your favorite caffeinated beverage, and hit play to join the Gilmore Girls in Stars Hollow!

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