Everyone loves to support local businesses, whether it’s a cafe you’ve gone to for years or the mom-pop owned store down the street that everyone goes to. For many communities, local businesses are a neighborhood’s spot to get exactly what you need.

On Thursday, I went out and spoke with the owner of a local business in my town to find out how they came to be.

Jose N. Grullon is the owner of 6th Avenue Grocery and Deli located at 234 6th avenue in Newark.

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I sat down with Grullon, who I previously knew as one of the guys that made great sandwiches. Even though I’ve been to this place dozens of times, I never looked past their menu. 

The deli has been opened for 15 years.

They serve sandwiches, french fries, chicken wings, shrimp, burgers, and more. They have a variety of comfort foods that can go with one of their many toppings. Toppings include cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayo, salt, pepper, onions, tomatoes, along with a few others.

But the deli didn’t always serve hot foods.

“In the beginning, we only made cold sandwiches. But as people kept coming in and asking for hot sandwiches and other items more and more we added them to our menu,” said Grullon.

The best thing about this spot is that the food is super affordable. For just $1.50, you can get an order of french fries. Although the carton may look small, they really know how to pack it in there!

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A popular item on the menu is $5 cheesesteak sandwiches. The sandwich is packed to the brim with nicely cooked fries and cheesesteak, and that’s without toppings. It’s certainly the type of sandwich to fill you for hours, or if you’re the generous type, to share with a friend.

We wanted a store that catered to the customer’s needs,” he said. 

Their goal to cater to their neighborhood seems to be paying off as their customers always keep coming back. They treat the business and their owners with respect and gratitude.

Grullon is looking to keep the business in the family. When he can no longer look after it, he is looking to pass it down to his nieces and nephew, if they want to take over.

(Joy Oliveras / SoCul Images)

The deli has been very fortunate enough to have seen little to no significant effect on the business during quarantine.

It seems like not even a pandemic could keep locals away from their favorite comfort food!

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